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Notice to My Customers
July 30, 2015

After making uilleann pipes for over 20 years, and musical instruments for almost 25 years, a big change comes mid-August, when I return to school to study law at Fordham University.

When school starts I will no longer be making instruments on a full time basis, and will instead be finishing up existing orders on a more part-time schedule. I will also be making reeds on a more limited basis and referring customers to other makers to supply them with reeds. The excellent pipemaker and reedmaker Tim Benson has agreed to assist me in this capacity and can be reached by email at or by phone at
(585) 300-4949.

Additionally, I am currently not taking on new orders. I will, however, still be reachable by email or phone to solve customer issues as best I can.

I very much appreciate the support my customers have given me over the years, it has allowed me to make my living creating instruments that bring joy to so many and to provide for my wonderful family. Thank you all.

Best Regards,

(845) 265-5508

We are now making Pratten Style Wooden Flutes
seth gallagher

seth gallagher UILLEANN PIPES

Pipes are now available in Nickle-Silver/Sterling Silver



Seth Gallagher's pipes are top-class, individually handcrafted instruments that carry on the pipemaking traditions of Leo Rowsome, Johnny Bourke and Michael Egan. The intonation, appearance and sturdiness of these instruments are superb.

--Jerry O'Sullivan

Seth Gallagher Uilleann Pipes are made from the highest quality materials, with the utmost concern for detail, and with styling reminiscent of the classic Irish pipe makers.

Chanters, drones and regulators are turned from ebony. They are accented with imported synthetic ivory and brass ferrules. Bellows are made from cherry with an extra-heavy-duty leather gusset, and combined with the elk-tanned leather bag, provide a leak-resistant air supply.

The highest quality of materials and workmanship produces an excellent quality of sound. The concert pitch D chanter is bright and resonant, and has beautiful intonation. The drones and regulators blend nicely with it to make a very pleasing whole sound.

Pipes may be purchased as individual components, or as practice, half, three quarter or full sets. Practice sets consist of a chanter with blocks for four keys, in concert pitch D with reed; a leather bag with stocks; and a bellows. Matching drones are easily added to form a half set. Adding the tenor and baritone regulators makes a three-quarter set. A full set is completed with the addition of the bass regulator.

Chanters, drones and regulators are now available in flat pitch C. Flat pitch Uilleann Pipes were the norm in the 19th century, and when played today, evoke a time when music was played for enjoyment, pure and simple. The sound is sweet and mellow, but by no means meek. Although clearly quieter than the concert pitch D chanter, the C chanter is lively and resonant.

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