Pratten Style Flute

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"Seth has done it again! These flutes are effortless to play and have great response and intonation. I haven't played a flute that I have liked better than these."

--Jerry O'Sullivan, internationally reknowned uilleann piper and flute player.

"The Gallagher flute has a sweet tone, great response, really true pitch. What more could you want from a flute? I'll take two please!"

--Ivan Goff, piper with the Broadway "Riverdance" and the Eileen Ivers Band, and professional flute player.

"The Gallagher flute plays clear, consistent, with a great second octave, I love it!"

--Christopher Layer, professional flute player.

"I've played some of Seth Gallagher's first flutes, and I must say that I've been very impressed. Seth's flutes play nicely in tune and have a warm, sweet tone. They are beautifully crafted, as one would expect of any instrument coming out of the Gallagher workshop."

--Bill Ochs, pennywhistle master, flautist, uilleann piper, teacher and publisher.

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We now offer one of the finest 19th century style flutes made today. This Pratten style flute has a rich vibrant tone that works equally well as a solo instrument and in a session setting.

The tuning slide does not fully line the head joint, this reduces the potential for cracking in this sensitive area. Fully lined head joints are available upon request.

Seth Gallagher keyed flutes are designed to be equally comfortable on the fingers whether you play with the finger tips or in the "piper style" with flat fingers. Blocks are placed so that they will not restrict covering the toneholes, and keys are designed for ease of use.

It is currently available in Bois de Rose Rosewood and Grenadilla.

Price List below.

SETH GALLAGHER FLUTE PRICE LIST 2014 -- estimating a 14 month wait for flutes (includes Cavallero flute roll soft case)
flute with no keys, but blocks for 6 keys
6-keyed (**)


* The price of each key installed will be the price current at the time they keywork is ordered. The price per key installed is currently $175.

** The six keys are E flat, F sharp short and long keys, G sharp, B flat and C natural and standard thumb activated B flat or bottomhand activated B flat.

French-style, leather-covered hard case, lined with velvet custom made for Seth Gallagher Flutes, price available on request. Probably in the $225 range. Soft cover for French-Style case (protects kid-leather and has holders for cleaning rod: $50
(see photos below)

To order, please contact Seth at or 845-265-5508

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