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The one and only Paddy Moloney [the Chieftains], with his Seth Gallagher pipes.
"...I played them and I said I MUST have that set! ...To me they have the nyyaaa, it's lovely."

--Paddy Moloney

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Hear Irish Piper Gay McKeon on Seth Gallagher C Set

Hear American Uilleann virtuoso Jerry O'Sullivan
on his Seth Gallagher chanter: CLIP
"I have been playing my Seth Gallagher D chanter since March 1998 and have used it extensively for live performance and recording. It has wonderful tone, response and intonation and I heartily recommend these chanters."
--Jerry O'Sullivan

Ivan Goff, fomer piper for Riverdance on Broadwa
currently tours withThe Eileen Ivers Band.
"The Gallagher D chanter is a great chanter for the touring professional. It is robust and reliable in all climates. It has the responsiveness, brightness and great tone of a great solo instrument, and the power to compete in any ensemble."
--Ivan Goff

Internationally renowned uilleann piper
Jimmy O'Brien-Moran playing a Seth Gallagher set.
Listen in on the session: CLIP ONE | CLIP TWO

"I like this flat chanter. It is responsive and easy to play, with a particularly
mellow tone in the first hand (D-G). With a chanter like this, you have no more excuses."

--Jimmy O'Brien-Moran

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