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UGG Australia first technology-driven concept store opened in downtown Washington, d.c., earlier this month, the new is equipped with an interactive digital signage screen,Ugg Boots Outlet provide consumers with the ability to custom style they like.

UGG Outlet Australia's parent company Deckers brands in tyson square shopping centre opened full experience store as Deckers, a second "innovation laboratory" to test the new way of multi-channel, sales methods and innovation, is the first display of the company brand shop in Santa Barbara, California, it can be deployed in all of the company store.

"Is not only a Deckers company slogan in all directions, this is also our innovation culture and an important part of the retail strategy, aimed at consumers like shopping way to ugg outlet online interact with them, we have invested on it for more than five years, the experience of this strategy in the UGG store got omni-directional demonstration, this is the best digital and entity shop shopping experience, brand of all-round ability laid the foundation for the future."Deckers brand President Dave Powers said.

The company said the 2110 - square - foot store is now open to the public, to emphasize Deckers company through seamless shopping experience provides convincing products promise to consumers.Store of beauty through the interactive digital deployment is enhanced, aims at introducing elements of ugg boots outlet online shopping experiences in the entity shop.This store offers shoppers access 230 stocks on the display products, and the opportunity to "unlimited UGG" products, this is a you won't be found in the store "endless channel".This product classification by two UGG customized program management:

Consumers "UGG By You" program, the entire design process, You can use the UGG five classic style;

"Bling It On" program: consumer can choose by Swarovski crystal model and appearance change their choice;

The store also includes rfid technology, allows consumers to try on goods, throughout the store four 65 - inch hd touch screen to access digital content generated,Ugg Boots Outlet including product information and options, style tips, video products, related marketing activities, and suggestion.Consumers can be high-definition screens products link send SMS messages to your phone.Deckers brands in collaboration with the Control technology and design consultancy group in New York, has created this RFID tags and a touch screen interactive solution.

The Washington post recently paid a visit to the new found that shoppers in the store can't find the right color will search online via a touch screen."I can read the introduction,ugg outlet online looking for a different color, I can check things without others' help."Virginia harrison fort Eva Burns said.

According to the company announcement said UGG sales staff will be equipped with the device, to provide customers with the product of the related support services, did not provide a complete store e-commerce purchases of goods.In addition, consumers shopping at the same time will get free wi-fi, so that they can and their social channel links, to share their shopping experience.When consumers to check inventory on tablets, the goods will be complete the transaction, then can choose free shipping by infinite UGG outlet order or in the store.

"We found that the SAR consumer very proficient in technology, it is a great opportunity for us to test the ability of our digital. We think it will be a great way to get a more complete shopping experience, through to provide them with all of these information, generally is online, we can create a more comprehensive shopping experience."The Control group, Charlie Miller told the Washington post reporter.

Miller in newspaper report says: these in-store technologies deployed a key challenge is to achieve seamless as possible, so that customers don't see the touch screen or mobile applications.56 IQ of domestic digital signage has powerful function and abundant intelligent interactive applications, Ma Kehua fe and other famous fashion brand, in its flagship deployed 56 IQ intelligence digital signage system."This technology should work when consumers don't realize it," he said: "we think this is the first step in technology bring new in-store retail experience."


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