2003 East Coast Tionol
October 10-12th
University of North Carolina Campus
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
for more information contact Patrick Sky
(919) 929-2048 (eve’s) or (919) 715-3922 (days)
or email

NOTE: The following program is all tentative and is subject to change as the date for the Tionol gets nearer. Please go ahead and register because registration determines the number of teachers, etc.

This year's Tionol will be held on Columbus day weekend October 10-12th on the University of North Carolina campus in the town of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The University of North Carolina is the oldest state university in the United States and the campus is absolutely beautiful. While you are here you can visit the Southern Folklife Collection in Wilson library which houses almost 20,000 78rpm recordings and thousands of other recordings and documents.

The master instructor this year will be Eoin O’Riabhaigh piper from Ireland.

Other instructors include, the famous piper and reed maker extraordinaire Benedict Kohler , Rhode Island piper and scholar Dr. Patrick Hutchinson, Todd Denman. This year scientific reed making will be taught by David Daye whose massive web site is known by all.

Willie Kelly piper and fiddler will teach fiddle again this year.

The Program:

Registration will begin at 5:00 Friday the 11th afternoon at Person hall, located on Franklin street just on campus in downtown Chapel Hill. During the registration there will be mini-concerts of various pipers until 8:00.

All Classes will begin Saturday morning from 10-5:00. At 12-1:00 BARBECUE!!! The Saturday Concert will be at Gerrard hall beginning at 7:00. After the concert we will all retire to the home of Barbara Kuller located on 5 beautiful acres just outside of town for a good home session until the wee hours.

On Sunday afternoon from 1-3:00 Eoin O’Riabhaigh will give a master class in Person Hall. Everyone is invited to attend and be allowed to observe, record and take notes but not play or participate. This is important because much can be learned by simply watching and listening to a great teacher.

Registration: Click here for the registration form. The earlier you register that better it will be for us so that we can assign classes, order T shirts, etc.

Accommodations: Click on this site for a list of the Hotels in Chapel Hill. Get your rooms early, Chapel Hill is a busy place and there is always events that take up the hotel rooms. The Holiday Inn and the Best Western University Inn are the least expensive. The Carolina Inn is the most expensive, but it is on Campus and solves the parking problem.

If there are no rooms in Chapel Hill then you can look in Durham which is only 5 miles from Chapel Hill. The Closest Durham hotels are The Red Roof Inn on Chapel Hill Blvd and The Comfort University Inn just off of Rt. 15/501